Outboard Compressors:

2x Custom Teletronix La-2a 

(historically correct re-issue with all vintage parts)


Large Diaphragm Condensers: 

1x Brauner VM-1

2x Aston Origin 

2x Aston Spirit

2x Avantone CV12

Small Diaphragm Condensers: 

2x Schoeps CMC5 with MK2s and MK4 

4x Avantone CK1

Dynamic Microphones:

2x Senheizer MD421

1x Sennheiser 441

1x beyerdynamic m201 

1x Beyerdynamic Opus 99 

1x shure beta52 

2x shure sm57 

1x shure sm7 

2x Electro Voice Cardinal 

1x AKG D112 

1xElectro Voice RE20 

Ribbon Microphones:

2x Beyerdynamic m160 

1x beyerdynamic m130



2x Klerk tecknick DI's 

2x Whirlwind DI's 

30x Mic Stands

15x Headphones

Mixing Console:

SSL AWS924 (Delta)

32x SSL input channels 

24x SSL mono black EQ's switchable E\G 

2x SSL mono channel dynamics 

1x SSL Mixbus compressor 


- SSL Total Recall system

- SSL Delta Automation system


-Protools HD 12.5


New high end Mac


2x Lynx Aurora 16 LT-HD (32 IO's)

Antelope Orion (32 IO's)


-ATC scm100 ASL

-Yamaha NS-10

-Auratone Mix Cubes

Cue System:

4x Stereo headphone Cue systems


Outboard Preamps:

-Heritage Audio DMA 73 (Stereo Neve 1073)

-API 3124+ (quad preamp)

-Neve 1081 (custom)

-2x RCA BA-71a (Vintage)

-2x Universal Audio 1108 (Vintage) 

-3x Lev Integrity (3x Stereo Units)

-IJ Research Albatros (Stereo Unit)

-Signal Tube Preamp (Stereo Unit)

-Telefunken V76 (On request)

-2x A-Designs REDDI